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About Row Tours

We created Row Tours to give rowers and fans of rowing more than just the ordinary experience of the 2k processional race on a dug out ditch in the middle of nowhere. Let's escape the ditch and go and play!!

As rowers we have skills we have learnt to take on all the rivers, all the seas, lakes, lochs and waterholes! Let's break free of the barriers and find our water, wherever it may be. Don't just say "it would be good to row there", actually go and row it!!

The first place I wanted to row was Loch Ness with its amazing scenery and the iconic Loch, the rapid change in conditions (and what lay beneath) just made me want to get on it! If that is possible why not get everyone on it and have a race?!! Why has no one done this before?! And "Monster the Loch" was born!!

A particular favourite of mine is the Fjords and Northern Norway, rowing under the Northern lights, so I can pretend I am Viking! "Sport is nothing without a basis of play"

So if you would like to join us on a tour or challenge or you have one you'd like to do, please let us know and we will do everything we can to help make it happen!

Row Tours are part of the Rowing Centre UK Ltd group of Companies. Please click here to visit the Rowing Centre website if you are interested in finding out more!

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